Receiving compensation for your injury is determined by who is at fault. If you are seriously injured in an accident the first question as the lawyer is "Who caused the accident?" The question of liability always come FIRST before the question of damages. 


The question of liability is usually determined by the evidence gathered at the scene of the accident. Diagrams of the accident, statements of parties, evidence collected, witness information, pictures, etc. are all imperative to the determination of fault. Without that information it basically becomes a "he said she said" situation resulting in an insurance carrier disputing liability and often escaping having to compensate the actual victim.  


Who traditionally collects and documents the necessary evidence to determine fault? The police or Highway patrol. They prepare the detailed report which includes those vital diagrams, statements of witnesses and parties, evidence collection, insurance information and they will also actually conclude which party to be at fault. 

Prior to the onset of Covid-19 and civil unrest 9 out of every 10 auto accidents received police or highway patrol reports. Post Covid-19 and civil unrest, 9 out of every 10 accidents do NOT get a police report. The attending police or highway patrol agency usually just makes parties share insurance information and then leaves the scene without making any report. 

In order to assist with this problem I have designed a "Glove Box Accident Scene Evidence Kit". It contains everything you need to collect the necessary information at the scene of the accident to properly preserve your case.


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